D.R. INTERNATIONAL is committed to produce & supply quality products & nothing but quality products in the most efficient & cost-effective manner to achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

  • Improving quality of products
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Raised levels of motivation, co-operation, quality awareness & workmanship.
  • Continuously setting new benchmarks
  • Excellence in everything we do

We believe that the success of our business depends upon the success of our customers. To ensure this success, we have created a workplace where people with ideals, perspectives and skills can experience leadership through high potential. Leadership is the result of teamwork allowing issues and ideas to be developed, widening our competitive advantage.

Though the markets are very competitive, we have carved out a niche which will give us a strategic advantage over other players. Our competitive edge lies in clear business objective, clarity of customers’ requirements, means of corrective action, education and training of employees & consistency in quality.